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The Death Star has left without us! Now what are we gonna do?

Photo: Storm Trooper has a hotline to the Imperial Army Recruitment Department, how many Storm Troopers do you need for your event?

Seriously, are you getting a bit tired of Star Wars yet? The answer of course is… NO! Not in the slightest. The worldwide smash hit movie Star Wars has caused a massive resurgence with old and new fans and is still getting more popular on a daily basis. Storm Troopers are still uber cool and look the business at charity , private and corporate events,they never fail to bring some excitement and make people smile.

Storm Trooper Hosts for Events

At a recent event in the RDS for the INEC in Killarney our Storm Troopers tried out something brand new, something they had never done before. They attempted Irish Dancing and they were terrible! But to be honest the worse they danced the more funny it was to watch. A crowd gathered and quiclky started to chuckle as the Storm Troopers attempting to Irish dance.

They were invited up onstage by a professional Irish dancing crew who were in for a big suprize when they realised that one of our Storm Troopers was a serious dancer. He thrilled the crowds with his robotic moves and it was great fun all round as the dancers joined in. The INEC won all the awards on the day for best stand, best interaction and best entertainment. Check out the video to see the dance off between good and evil and make up your own mind who wins.

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