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Hire StromTroopers: Star Wars is back and it’s not going away, ever.

Photo: new wave of young fans along with the die hard collection of fanatics around the world are combining online and offline to make this the biggest movie and adventure of all time!

You can hire StormTroopers online now for your party or event! Star Wars is a piece of Sci-Fi history to actually come to your house and entertain you, you can relive the fun of the movie and really thrill your guests by hiring StormTroopers as greeting hosts.

Why Hire StormTroopers?

Has all this been done before? “I’m not seeing anything new here” you might be thinking, but fear not – you can also hire Darth Vader to keep an eye on things. Standing at over 6 foot tall, he makes for an imposing presence at an event and combined with a pair of real Storm Troopers the vibe is brilliant.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Storm Trooper instead of just hiring one? Well, now is your chance with the cool photo cutout that features a trooper with his helmet off. Simply stand in behind the cutout and it looks like you are right there wearing a fully original suit. The effect is brilliant and looks very cool and funny, there will be a line of people waiting to give it a go and a bunch of laughing photographers snapping away. The images will end up on Facebook or something but the result is always great fun for all involved. The photo cut out features 2 StormTroopers, along with 2 of the real hired StormTroopers on either side and not forgetting Darth Vader lurking about – this makes for a seriously impressive and interactive display!

StarTroopers and AudioNetworks have teamed up to present the ultimate Star Wars Inspired packages for weddings and parties that will blow you away.

No longer only for big corporate clients! The service has now been repackaged and the price has been massively reduced for smaller private events. The new packages are now ready to hire and include a battery powered portable sound system that plays sound effects and background music to create extra atmosphere. They perform for a solid hour, giving all your guests a chance to get involved and to get some photos in.

Hire StormTroopers! What are you waiting for?

All in all, this is a mega fun package and right of the moment as the Star Wars movie is turning into history and does not seem to be fading in any way. This is your chance to grab a little piece of movie magic and have it right before your eyes in real life. To start booking a StormTrooper package click here!